How to Hear Your Angels

The following is referenced from the bestselling book “How to Hear Your Angels” by Doreen Virtue.

What Are Angels?

The word “angel” means messenger.  Angels as we know them traditionally from the Christian Bible are therefore messengers of God.

They may bring messages, signs and the word of God to people from heaven.  According to the bible, angels are a means that God uses to communicate with people.

Angels also protect us, love us, and guide us in our lives.  Many children and adults call on the angels for divine protection and divine loving guidance.

How to Hear Your Angels

Literally “hearing” your angels, as you would hear someone talk, is called clairaudience.  While you may want to “hear” your angels, what you may mean is that you want to listen to what they say with an open heart – not literally with just your ears.

There are many ways to “hear” the angels.  Some people find that they “hear” the angels better through their mind, similar to daydreaming.  This is called clairvoyance.

Another way is though clear knowing or claircognizance.  Maybe you just “know” something is going to happen before it does.

Yet another way to hear your angels is through feeling.  You may be sensitive to light, energy, radiation, emotions…etc…  Your feelings are a very accurate gauge of what your soul wants and your divine will, which is God’s will.

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Steps on How to Hear Your Angels

To learn how to hear your angels properly, first you must tune out all negative self chatter. This might mean something as simple as telling that voice that says “I am not good enough, I am not strong enough, and angels don’t exist” that it cannot speak to you. Force your mind into a blank state where there is no more chatter or noise from somewhere that you feel you cannot control. This may take a bit of time, but it is vital to really hear your angels.

Secondly, once you have achieved a clean and clear mind, you must picture a room or area where there is nothing but clean white light and an empty space. At this point you can envision your angels. Think of what they might look like, how they might be if they were really manifested in some place. They might look human, or they might be something strange and alien you had never dreamed before.

Once you have created the pictures of your angels in your mind, listen to what they are saying to you. When you are really hearing your angels, you will know it. That is because you will feel as though you are listening to a voice outside your own mind. There will be positive thoughts filling you and not negative self chatter. You will hear voices that guide you and want to help you. You will feel a positive warmth from inside and there will be none of the regular anger and negativity that comes with your life otherwise.

Learning how to hear your angels and listening to your angels are steps that you must take in your life if you really want to achieve peace and harmony in your life and put the negative forces to rest. If you can do so, you will live a life that is happier and more settled. There will be no need for anger and discontent because your angels will guide you on a path that shows you how to be a calm and peaceful individual. No longer will you be angry towards others, because your angels will guide you on the path of peace.

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